About Us


Damn you look good! Welcome to our first ever online store. We are so happy you have chosen The Revival Outpost as your destination!
We want to give you the warm fuzzies so here is our story! We are located in the heart of New Orleans on a quaint little street called Magazine. We opened our physical location in the summer of 2011 with hopes of someday taking over the world! Since our opening we have been featured in Travel & Leisure, Southwest Airlines, New Orleans Magazine, and many other local and international blogs and websites! Currently we are working on taking over the online society and are designing a clothing line. Our promise to you, is that we will always help out the little guys, give the best price possible, and stay cool.
Just a little info on what we sell:
Cool ass new clothes, vintage, Vintage, VINTAGE, and Indie. By indie we mean real deal people in our city or nation, that we carefully handpicked for your buying pleasure!
Alright thats about it! Thanks for checking in with us. And if you want to see something we dont have or know someone who could be on our website, dont be afraid...send us a message!


Flagship Address:

234 Chartres St. 

New Orleans, LA 70160

(504) 301-3754


Florida Locations

Revolve Clothing Exchange

2000 4th N

St.Petersburg Fl


1620 E 7th Ave

Ybor City Tampa Fl


4023 W Kennedy Blvd

Tampa Fl